Short Version of the TOS
Your hosting account shouldn't break any local, state, federal, or international laws.
No copyright infringment to include programs/scripts, text copy,and images.
Not Allowed:
    * Bulk emailing
    * unsolicited emailings
    * newsgroup spamming
    * pornographic content
    * links to adult websites, nudity, copyrighted MP3s, illegal content, copyright infringement, trademark
infringement, warez, cracks, or software serial numbers.
One LFMTE or Traffic Exchange script per hosting account.  You can't add another LFMTE script to an addon
domain, you must purchase a new hosting account.
Drive space and bandwidth or just two of the limiting factors of your hosting account.  The busier your account gets
the more resources it will use.  You may need to upgrade your account or get your own dedicated server as your
business grows.  We offer dedicated servers so please contact us.
NO safelist, FFA, autosurf exchange, top site, or any other scripts that use high amounts of server resources.
Pay your bills on time or your account may be suspended or terminated.  Hosting payment is recurring.
No reselling any parts of your hosting account.  This includes email addresses, addon domains, etc.
Addon domains are intended for low resource usage sites.  These may include things like support desks, blogs,
content management systems, html pages, etc.
If you go over your bandwidth, your account may be suspended.  If it isn't suspended, you will be liable for the
overages.  Currently the cost is $1/GB.
No spamming from your account.  If your account is 'hacked' and used for sending spam, you will be held liable
for the cleanup costs.  Typically an account is hacked by either a script exploit installed on your server and most
likely a keylogger installed on your computer that records your username/password.
Absolutely no purchased leads are to be used for sending emails to on the server.
Leads/signups must be verified.  Keep a log that the email address was verified, the date of signup, and the IP
address.  This will be used in defense for false claims of spam reports.  You will need to provide this info to us if
The server sometimes goes down for maintenance.  This is normally done in the wee hours of the night (Central
Time wee hours).
You are ultimately responsible for backups of your site.  We do daily backups to a dedicated backup drive which
may or may not be available for your account.  If we need to restore something from a backup due to no fault of our
own, there will be a $50/hour charge, minumum one hour.
(Short Version)