Repair/Optimize a database

There's a couple ways you can repair/optimize a database.

click on the appropriate database, if you have more than one.

You should then have a listing of all the tables.  The one(s) that is/are marked as "in use" would be the ones that crashed.  You can either select the ones that are crashed, or just select them all.  Select them all won't hurt, in fact, it will help if you have tables that need optimizing.

Then at the bottom of the listing, it will say:

Check All /  Uncheck All /  Check tables having overhead

and to the right of that is a drop down box, in the drop down box, select "repair table" and the selected tables will be repaired and optimized.

From within cPanel, go to the Database section and click Mysql Databases.

Just below the Create New Database section is a section called Modify Database.  Within that section, there is a Repair DB: with a dropdown to select the database.  Select the appropriate database and click the "Repair DB" button.  This will also optimize the database.

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