CPU Upgrades

CPU upgrades are available in your member area. View your products & services then click the View Details button for appropriate item.

At the bottom of the page. click the Upgrade/Downgrade Options (Not the package button).

However, it may be beneficial if your site is responding slowly or you are receiving internal server errors to open a support ticket. This way we can upgrade the CPU in steps and when we find a comfortable fit for your hosting account, then we can let you know what CPU level you need to upgrade to.

This will prevent multiple upgrades/payments trying to find the right CPU level for your website.


Why I needed to incorporate Cloudlinux and charge for CPU:

Regular hosting normally uses well less than 1/8th (12.5%) of a CPU. In fact, most hosting companies will suspend an account if its use reaches 1/8th for XX amount of seconds, often 20 seconds or less. Most sites use well less than that and hosting companies calculate their profits based on how man sites they can put on a server. So, if a site is using more than it's share, that is one or more sites that they can't add to the server. Memory is similarly calculated or limited.

What are your benefits?

There are other services that use CPU that are also shared and don't count against your CPU usage. mySQL, email, cPanel, ftp, etc aren't counted. So, for example, if you are using 2 CPU's and decide to go with a dedicated server, you would most likely need a fast quad (four) CPU core server or better.


We also utilize a Solid State Drive (SSD) for mysql and mail. Both items perform a lot of reads/writes to the drive, so using an SSD, similar to a thumb drive you pop into the USB port, you will gain much faster performance as the drive is the biggest bottleneck in the whole system. SSD drives are significantly more expensive but smaller than regular drives.

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